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Meet The Teams

Legal Consultants

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Phillip Hal McMath is a Little Rock  trial attorney, an award-winning writer, a Marine Corps Vietnam War veteran, and an ardent advocate for preserving and promoting Arkansas literature and history. McMath has published several novels and numerous short stories and articles, along with producing two plays. His book Lost Kingdoms was the winner of the Arkansiana Fiction Award in 2009, while The Broken Vase received the Booker Worthen Prize in 2011. The University of Central Arkansas established the Phillip H. McMath Post Publication award in his honor. McMath established the Porter Prize in 1984, which has made a significant contribution to literature in Arkansas.

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Melissa McMath Hatfield

Psycologist & Trial Consultant

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Melissa has been providing innovative and effective trial consultations since 1982. McMath is a much sought after Jury Consultant providing professional insight into pre-trial preparation, jury profiling, voir dire, jury selection, focus groups, and case analysis. She has been a trusted advisor on many high profile cases. Her skills have proved invaluable in assessing both verbal and non-verbal communication of jurors and witnesses.

* Paula Jones v. William James Clinton

* US v Anthony Boen
* US v Josh Duggar

* Verdict of $12.5 Million against Wal-Mart – April 2017,  Attorney Mark Henry, Fayetteville, Ar


Sandy  S. McMath

Attorney at Law

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A distinguished trial lawyer with over 50 years experience in the courtroom Sandy has championed many cases and is unwavering in his dedication to his clients. He is a world traveler and author. 

Phillip H. McMath

Attorney at Law

Hispanic Marketing & Language Consultants


McKenzie McMath Coronel

Communications Strategist & Trial Consultant

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McKenzie McMath Coronel is a communications strategist that employs a multi disciplinary approach to the creation of in depth case analysis and jury profiling. 

She has worked in marketing and communications strategy both internationally, with Cambridge Bolivia, and locally as an account executive at MHP/Team SI,

She offers unique insight into cases and the jury's that will judge them by utilizing the leses of anthropology, psychology and communications research. 

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Carl Keller

Research & Trial Consultant

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Carl Keller is an experienced research consultant that has worked on cases for over twenty years. He is efficient in several areas of research, including focus groups and mock trials, He implements tactics from multiple disciplines to draw the most wholistic analysis. .

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A Syracuse University Newhouse graduate with a diverse background, strong work ethic, language skills (6), and passion for the global media & entertainment industry. Active in global distribution (sales and acquisitions), development, and content strategy with an ability to balance creative and business considerations. 

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Juan Carlos Coronel

Transcreator & Cultural Consultant

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An experienced operations manager and translator with a solid background in language education as a teacher of English and Spanish and Certified Oral Examiner for Cambridge International Examinations. As administrator of an international school and language center, Juan Carlos has 14 years of experience using transcreation to market the British system of education to a Latin American audience.

Holding a bachelor's degree in International Relations and an MBA from the Walton School of Business, he has represented international educational institutions in places such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, Hong Kong, and Rio de Janeiro.


Karla Hoffmann Canedo

Legal Translation Expert

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A licensed attorney at law with  over 20 years of experience in the legal and business fields, Karla holds her MBA from the renowned Tecnológico de Monterrey university.  Her experience includes crafting agreements between the British Government and South American companies and managing bilingual negotiations for firms operating in Latin America. 

Juliette Betram

Entertainment & Media Cultural Consultant


Vania Rueda

Transcreator & Cultural Consultant

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Currently the Director of Museo Arte Campo in Santa Cruz Bolivia as well as  a teacher of German as a second language at the Goethe-Zentrum institute, Vania holds bachelor's Degrees in Economics and International Relations and a master's degree in Political Science from The University of Osnabrück, in Germany, where she conducted research on language and identity. Her experience also includes working as an interpreter in seminars and conferences in her native Bolivia and Germany.

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McKenzie McMath Coronel

Communications Strategist & Cultural Consultant

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McKenzie is a proficient communications strategist with wide-ranging international experience who has lived and worked in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Spain. Holding a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology and a master’s degree in strategic communications, she has represented Latin American organizations at international conferences in Abu Dhabi, Sweden as well as in the United Kingdom. 

Her experience in account and project management in Latin America and Agency experience in the United States paired with a passion for culture enables her to apply cultural insights into Hispanic marketing for effective communication and audience engagement across multiple industries.

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