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Jury consultants are best known as trial strategists and human behavior experts. Data, demographics, and cultural insights are used to build  jury profiles, case themes, and to develop trial and voir dire strategies and jury selections that assist legal teams before and during a trial. Utilizing these data driven elements assists the attorney in making their jury strikes. We also offer guidance into focusing arguments, preparing witnesses and making presentations more effective.

As the Hispanic and Spanish- speaking populations continue to grow and become more influential and engaged consumers, it is imperative for brands, politicians, governments, and communities to make a more concerted effort to engage and interact with these audiences. Through research, data collection, and unique cultural insight, paired with transcreative services and relationship building within the Hispanic community, let us help you develop a strategy for your industry that intrigues and engages the Hispanic community. For a list of language services click HERE.

A website is a platform designed to enhance your business, campaign, personal portfolio, and much more. Most importantly, it does not have to cost a substantial amount of funds and time. Generating websites that are comprehensive and to the point at a fair price is our pleasure. Once your site has been designed, we offer training sessions to ensure that the site may continue to be a living and relevant part of your brand. 

Determining the right course of action to take with your marketing dollars can be stressful. With a background in marketing strategy development, We can take your budget, your goals, and your potential to a new and organized level.  Once your marketing strategy has been written, we offer training sessions to help you implement and monitor the success of your strategy. 

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