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McMath Trial Consultants has been providing innovative and effective trial consultations since 1982 and has provided specialized consultation regarding case analysis and jury selection for over 2,000 trials.

We tailor our services and expertise to each attorney's needs, timeline, and budget. Through a combination of cultural and psychoanalytic insights, we formulate data-driven strategies that inform and influence legal strategy with a more holistic perspective of the key issues and the potential jury's perceptions of them. From pre-trial groundwork to the final deliberations, we stand by your side, ensuring our support spans the entirety of the legal process.


To utilize expertise in psychology, law, cultural anthropology, behavioral sciences and strategic communications to build case strategies that include juror profiles and case analysis along with the implementation of research to  help inform attorney strategic decisions. 

case Analysis

Pre trial research will determine the psychological and legal issues of a case, and will contribute to the constructing of a case analysis that draws on the aforementioned areas to determine a communications strategy. The case analysis will provide a framework through which the case is presented to the jury.

Voir dire

The voir dire is one of the most important parts of trial preparation. This stage begins early on with developing a case theme and a juror profile.
Jury consultants assist lawyers in planning a voir dire strategy designed to determine the types of jurors that will jeopardize or support the desired outcome.  As well as assisting the attorney during the voir dire process by providing feedback in determining strikes. 


What you need we can provide

We tailor our services and expertise to each attorneys needs, timeline and budget. While no one can dispute the talent and dedication of the legal teams, combining legal expertise with psychological insights and communications strategy, allows for data driven decision making and a more wholistic perspective of the key issues and the jury's perceptions to them. 

Focus Groups

 Our focus group model is flexible to meet your timeframe, budget and overall resourses. Focus groups are designed to elicit information from a select number of people, whether a small number or large, who demographically match the jury pool. A focus group differs from a mock trial in that the focus group does not test the depth of a case, but rather allows for informal discussion to take place regarding issues and questions about the case. 

Witness preparation

Witness communication is an essential, but often overlooked part of preparing for trial. Jurors look for clues on how to judge witnesses and how much weight to accord their testimony. The presentation-effectiveness of a witness can enhance jurors’ receptivity to facts, claims, and evidence or seriously undermine jurors’ perceptions. Analyzing a witnesses communication style can help reduce stress and can increase their ability to effectively communicate the attorneys case theme. 


Different types of surveys, including digital, phone, mail and more can be developed and targeted to the community where the jury pool will be drawn from. Information from surveys can be essential to determining community attitude on key issues or if a change of venue is in order.  

In some instances, further pretrial research is warranted. This research is designed to assist with case assessment and trial strategy.  Full-scale trial simulations or scaled-down mock trials offer the attorney further insight into potntial  jurors attitudes  surrounding a case. 

Mock trials 


Our team has over 40 years of pretrial research and jury selection experience in both state and federal courts for both criminal and civil cases across multiple states. 

Masters in Counseling Psychology

Licensed Psychotherapist

Licensed Psychological Examiner

Arkansas Psychological Association

American Society of Trial Consultants

  • Founding Member 

  • Chairman of Visibility Committee

  • Board of Directors

  • Secretary/Treasurer

Certification in Civil Mediation

Arkansas Conflict Resolution Association (past member)

  • Vice President Central Arkansas Chapter

Masters in Strategic Communications

Published Works & Expert Experience

Trial Lawyers Magazines of Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, and Wyoming

Arkansas Business Weekly
Arkansas Gazette
Arkansas Democrat
The New York Times

Legal Times Washington D.C.


Admitted as an expert on juries to the following:


  • Arkansas State Court

  • Arkansas Federal Court

  • Tennessee State Court

  • Tennessee Federal Court

  • Texas State Court

high profile cases & Experience

Susan McDougal / White Water I

Branscum & Hill / White Water II

Paula Jones v. William Jefferson Clinton

USA v. Tony Alamo

State of Arkansas v. Attorney General Steve Clark

USA v. David Hale

USA v. Senator Jon Wood

Verdict of $12.5 Million against Wal-Mart – April 2017, Attorney Mark Henry, Fayetteville, Ar


Consultation in all areas of the law with special

emphasis in:

  • Product Liability

  • Personal Injury

  • Discrimination

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Corporate Litigation

  • Criminal Defense in both State and Federal Courts


Melissa McMath Hatfield has conducted Continuing Legal Education seminars regarding jury selection for each of these organizations:

  • Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, Knoxville, and Memphis Trial Lawyers Associations

  • Arkansas, Mississippi, and Memphis Young Lawyers Associations

  • Texas Adverse Trial Tactics for the Experienced Litigator

  • Young Lawyers American Bar Association

  • American Bar Association

  • American Law Society

  • Southern Trial Lawyers Association

  • Tennessee Bar Association

  • Guest Lecturer – American Bar Association
    Arkansas Bar Association

    University of Arkansas Law School


Meet The Team

Phillip H. McMath

Attorney at Law


McKenzie McMath Coronel

Communications Strategist & Trial Consultant

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McKenzie McMath Coronel is a communications strategist that employs a multi disciplinary approach to the creation of in depth case analysis and jury profiling. 

She has worked in marketing and communications strategy both internationally, with Cambridge Bolivia, and locally as an account executive at MHP/Team SI,

She offers unique insight into cases and the jury's that will judge them by utilizing the leses of anthropology, psychology and communications research. 

Carl photo_edited.jpg

Carl Keller

Research & Trial Consultant

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Carl Keller is an experienced research consultant that has worked on cases for over twenty years. He is efficient in several areas of research, including focus groups and mock trials, He implements tactics from multiple disciplines to draw the most wholistic analysis. .

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Phillip Hal McMath is a Little Rock  trial attorney, an award-winning writer, a Marine Corps Vietnam War veteran, and an ardent advocate for preserving and promoting Arkansas literature and history. McMath has published several novels and numerous short stories and articles, along with producing two plays. His book Lost Kingdoms was the winner of the Arkansiana Fiction Award in 2009, while The Broken Vase received the Booker Worthen Prize in 2011. The University of Central Arkansas established the Phillip H. McMath Post Publication award in his honor. McMath established the Porter Prize in 1984, which has made a significant contribution to literature in Arkansas.

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 2.38.27 PM.png

Melissa McMath Hatfield

Psycologist & Trial Consultant

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Melissa has been providing innovative and effective trial consultations since 1982. McMath is a much sought after Jury Consultant providing professional insight into pre-trial preparation, jury profiling, voir dire, jury selection, focus groups, and case analysis. She has been a trusted advisor on many high profile cases. Her skills have proved invaluable in assessing both verbal and non-verbal communication of jurors and witnesses. McMath is a founding member of the American Society of Trial Consultants.

* Paula Jones v. William James Clinton

* US v Anthony Boen
* US v Josh Duggar

* Verdict of $12.5 Million against Wal-Mart – April 2017,  Attorney Mark Henry, Fayetteville, Ar


Sandy  S. McMath

Attorney at Law

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A distinguished trial lawyer with over 50 years experience in the courtroom Sandy has championed many cases and is unwavering in his dedication to his clients. He is a world traveler and author. 

Meet The Team
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